Academy of Managment 2009 Conference - Chicago, Illinois, August 8-12

A Professional Development Workshop (PDW) was held on Saturday, August 8, 2009 at the Sheraton Hotel, Arkansas Room. Thirty-five enthusiastic participants came together to discuss:

Complexity in human systems:

Exploring how leaders should respond & what research has to say about it

The 2007 Best Practitioner Paper award in the OB division of the Academy went to “A Leader’s framework for decision making,” by Snowden & Boone, published as the cover article in the Harvard Business Review. This event, which includes one of the authors of that paper, will gather a group of interested academy members from both practice and research to review the current state and future potential of complexity research, its modifications or extensions that are needed to accommodate it to human systems, and its future directions for research and practice. Brief presentations and a panel discussion on research and practice will begin discussion. A workshop will follow to define potential practice directions and research questions. It is anticipated that cross-disciplinary links identified in the workshop will be utilized to create future research programs and publications.

Chair: James K. Hazy; Adelphi U.;
Presenter: David Snowden; Cognitive Edge Ltd;
Presenter: Pierpaolo Andriani; Durham Business School, UK and eBMS- Scuola Superiore ISUFI- U. of Salento;
Presenter: Bill McKelvey; U. of California, Los Angeles


Jim Hazy Introduction:

Pierpoalo Andriani on Power Laws or Pareto Approaches: